Process: the team surveyed all the responses from all the feedback sessions and established a list of the comments we heard most frequently.

What are the things you value or appreciate about the worship space at St. Laurence?


We appreciate:

Openness, natural light, brightness of a worship space that is open to the outside

Simple modern design of building

Clear sight lines

Our unique stained glass cross and windows – a major focal point

Our unique stone font – a focal point.

Altar – raised, a clear focal point

Placement of chairs for clergy – alongside altar

Definitely a sacred space – quiet, peaceful, sense of mystery at times

Solarium, windows, connect us to nature, Garden of Remembrance and neighbours

Music: Placement of the choir, in the heart of the community, leads us, enriches the

             community’s singing.

Pews: liked the wood and link with tradition, good for families with children

Sitting at an angle – creates sense of community

Beauty of the seasonal hangings, like contemporary style of these

Votive candle table and placement

Acoustics – many complimentary comments

Being able to see the Nursery and children


Some mention


Organ – like to hear more often

Tall festive candle holders

Video capacity