Process: surveyed all the responses from all the Feedback Session and included the most frequently raised under specific headings 

What are the things that might be done to strengthen the worship space?


Strengthened by:

Gathering space

  • Semi circle seating, creates a more intimate sense of community
  • Pews, connect us with our tradition, good for families with children
  • The use of chairs, create increased seating options for worship and events
  • Mixture of chairs and pews
  • Designated supportive space for families with young children in sanctuary – colouring books, quiet toys 
  • Continuing to develop the sense of spaciousness and light



  • Positioning of the altar party – alongside altar
  • Altar

o   Maintaining the altar as a very clear focal point

o   Having a moveable altar for different configurations

o   Having on same level as congregation

o   Having on a one step platform

o   Moving Altar to centre of worship space

  • Review placement of the lectern
  • Improve base of font needs to be more organic and softer
  • Enhanced space for Healing Prayer and individual prayer
  • Having arrangements that allow the liturgy to be close to people
  • Maintaining a sense of this being sacred space – open and aesthetically pleasing
  • Music:  Maintaining the centrality of our musicians
  • Use of organ, reconsider use of and placement



  • Making whole area accessible for all 
  • Building ramps and rails
  • Having Altar accessible to all – on one level with congregation
  • Having a one-step platform for altar
  • Being wheelchair friendly



  • Developing a space that can be used for different occasions while maintaining a sense of it being sacred space
  • Using of chairs allows for many worship configurations and a variety of uses
  • A worship space that easily adapts to  - 

o   smaller worship services

o   use by various community groups, e.g. choral, piano recitals

o   a place for spirituality groups,  use of a roll-out labyrinth

  • Continuing to make it a space suitable for sacred events – weddings and funerals
  • Maintaining a clearly defined aisle for processions, wedding, funerals etc.


Beauty and Art

  • Improving back wall
  • Introducing art from the wider community – quilting, paintings, hang in the church and Narthex
  • Removing the present clutter
  • Use of natural woods, - West Coast woods and colours
  • Less visible sound system (black boxes, and projector)



  • New Flooring
  • Re-painting, sanctuary and Narthex
  • Windows:

o   Improving ventilation and air quality

o   Windows that open easily

o   Shades in the solarium – cut the glare

  • Checking the lighting
  • Checking sound system – including hearing devices
  • Enhancing the back Narthex area – from the parking lot.
  • Developing a pulley system for the hangings.