Process: surveyed all the responses from all the Feedback Sessions and established a list of the comments we heard most frequently. 

What are our values as a community?


We value:

 Creativity, beauty, and sensory experience – candles, water, beautiful banners, visual displays and art 



  • aids for hard of hearing,  
  • open communion invitation
  • our sense of relationship with each other, community and God
  • value a sense of belonging
  • value presence of children, families and youth



  • want all to be able to worship here with safety and respect


Worship space

  • having three focal point – altar, font, lectern
  • our unique font,
  • our stained glass cross, its placement, (has people on it) and stained glass windows
  • sacred space and the sense of reverence it evokes
  • mystery and spirituality
  • having a place of sanctuary and retreat
  • the central placement of our musicians 
  • healing prayer as part of worship
  • the votive candle area
  • the pews
  • more flexible seating – chairs
  • Front placement of altar party
  • living plants in sanctuary and narthex
  • good acoustics
  • audio visual capacity


Our style of worship

  • our  Anglican tradition 
  • contemporary liturgy and pushing the boundaries at times
  • participation of clergy, lay, youth and children in our worship
  • we include current events in our prayers and words



  • being open to change, listening and learning
  • being willing to try new things
  • others being able to use this space – music concerts, MAT, AA, childcare
  • more adaptable/flexible space – for our worship, for outside events


Parish functioning

  • our lay leadership


Our outreach programs

  • we value being a blessing to others – homeless, hungry, PWRDF 
  • living out the Gospel mandates of service and compassion
  • a concern for the outside world