Process: surveyed all the responses from all the Feedback Session and established a list of the comments we heard most frequently. 

What do we want to DO in this space?


Worship here

  • respect and enjoy our Anglican tradition 
  • use creative styles of worship/liturgy  
  • conduct Bible Study and spirituality groups here
  • make children, families and youth welcome and offer family-friendly facilities
  • try different seating configurations for worship, encourage more communal intimacy
  • have small group worship with ease
  • have weddings and funerals, have a building that adapts for this



  • have wider use of our building, increase adaptability and flexibility
  • have more contact between us and the wider community
  • hold a variety of community events here – music choral groups and concerts, piano recitals, art exhibitions, community discussions
  • have as a sacred space but open to other events,  with a mix of sacred and communal events here, Blanket Exercise, labyrinth etc
  • use chairs



  • use building to show what we do, especially in terms of service
  • make better use of our back wall
  • make Narthex more dynamic, interesting and reflective of our outreach
  • develop greater sense of welcome in our back Narthex


Accessibility and welcome

  • develop a space that is accessible and includes those with disabilities – ramps, rails level flooring etc
  • a place where all can hear and see what’s going on
  • Welcome people from all walks of life, MAT, AA and other social groupings

Grow and stay vibrant

To have an environmentally friendly space, solar powered, paperless

Extend music range: have more music instruments to supplement our music