Guiding Principles 
for decisions on the future Sanctuary design and configuration


These are the Guiding Principles established by the Reno Vision Team to assist us in making recommendations with respect to the future design of the sanctuary.

Guiding Principles:

  • Honors Anglican ethos
  • Honors the character of St. Laurence liturgically
  • Cover cost without debt
  • Aesthetically pleasing/beautiful
  • Comfortable
  • Accessibility
  • Flexible space
  • Follow Depreciation Report
  • All changes are considered wholistically
  • Changes to last a generation (next 25 years)
  • Maintain sense of worship/sacred/holy space
  • Welcoming for all – children, newcomers, old-timers, those outside community
  • Conducive to live-stream/technology
  • Environmentally green/sustainable
  • Preserves and includes nursery space
  • Maintain sightlines for all (i.e. children should be able to see what’s going on)
  • Changes offer sense of community connection
  • Maintain optimal acoustics
  • Maintains centrality of music in worship
  • Transparent and communicate with congregation
  • Recommendations supported by community

~Reno Vision Team:  January 19, 2022