As of December 1st, church services must either be limited to 50 % capacity or require vaccine passports for everyone in attendance (12 years and over). Most services are well under capacity at this time, but it is advisable to carry your vaccine passport with you.

More guidelines:

- We will continue to wear masks at all times while indoors at church

- Anyone speaking or leading singing can remove their mask for this role. 

- Membership can sing, but with masks on.

- We will continue to be mindful of the need for physical distancing.

- Bread only at Communion.

- Prior to Communion, individuals should sanitize their hands. Hands should also be sanitized after Communion (after having touched our masks).

- Passing the Peace by acknowledging each other with a nod or a bow. 

- Hand sanitizing upon entry to the church.

- Pre-registration is not required, but please stay home if  you are feeling unwell.

At St. Laurence, all classes and courses are being held on ZOOM.

- Parish Council at St. Laurence has decided not to begin coffee hour at this time.

- Any gathering at St. Laurence that is NOT a worship service will require a vaccine passport.


For Greeters and Sidespeople:

- Please sanitize your hands upon entering the church, and anytime after you have touched your mask.

- Coronavirus can live on paper from only a few minutes up to 5 days. So, to be on the safe side, please do not hand out bulletins, but allow people to pick up their own bulletin.  Please try not to touch your mask, and then touch bulletins. Hand Sanitize!

- Please ask congregants to hand sanitize upon entering the church.

- Please ask parishioners to wear a mask if they are not wearing one. Masks are provided at both entrances.

- Sanitizing pews is no longer necessary after a service, but please sanitize the high touch areas before and after the service (door handles, microphone arm at the lecturn, light switches.  Spray the bleach and water solution onto door handles, and leave for one minute before wiping. For the microphone arm and light switches, please spray the towel and wipe with the towel so as not to affect the electrical components)                                                                        

Thank you for maintaining these procedures, and helping to keep everyone safe!

Bishop Stephens full pastoral letter from December 1, 2021 is available for download below.