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Dear St. Laurence, 

The Archbishop has put forth June 14th as the potential date to resume in-person services and activities.  It’s aspirational at this point and will of course depend upon what’s happening with the spread of the virus and the directives of Minister Adrian Dix and Dr. Bonnie Henry.  Until then, we will continue with our weekly Sunday live stream on Facebook, which can also be accessed live on this website. We also continue to have a Wednesday Morning Prayer and Bible Study via ZOOM.  I have been encouraged to hear how many people have found these to be meaningful, despite their inherent limitations.  

Although June 14th feels like a long time to continue our current sequestration, it does give me some hope that this will end.  But we will have to adjust to a new normal.  We won’t be able to return to the way things were; when we do come back together, it will feel different.  We will have to practice some form of physical distancing, and this will impact the number of people we can have in a service, how we do the Passing of the Peace, and what Eucharist will look like.    But we will still be able to sing together, pray, and experience the company of each other.  I do miss that, and I look forward to being able to do that again.  

So far, I’ve not heard of anyone in our congregation who has contracted the virus.  But there are some individuals who’ve been impacted by job loss.  We have established a COVID-19 Relief Fund to assist those individuals in making rent and meeting their needs during this time.  If you wish to contribute to that fund, you can do so through our website here.  Follow the Donate or Giving tabs and designate the gift as COVID-19 Relief in the appropriate place.  And if you would rather, you can always drop a check of at the office.  

FYI, the Archbishop announced that she would be retiring at the end of February 2021.  We will be having a special Diocesan Synod in October to elect a bishop coadjutor, who will be her successor.  Just one more part of the upcoming new normal. 

And finally, if you haven’t had a chance to watch Praise Song for the Pandemic, it’s worth your time, and good for your soul:

Peace to you all,