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St. Laurence Kids and Families

New event for kids and families! Each Sunday at 11AM we'll be alternating between a family service and a kids craft or church school. More info and Zoom ID here.


First Nations 101 Study Series

Starting January 14th, a bi-weekly book study series based on First Nations 101 by Lynda Gray, a member of the Tsimshian Nation on the Northwest Coast of B.C.

Her book is an easy to read primer that provides readers with a broad overview of the diverse and complex lives of First Nations people, and ultimately calls upon all of us to play active roles in bringing about true reconciliation between First Nations and non-First Nations people.

Please see the event page for details and how to purchase the book.


Transforming Questions

This Diocese of New Westminster Online Christian Formation Course returns in January 2021. The pandemic has stirred up basic questions about life, faith, purpose, and God. In 11 sessions, we will seek to move deeper by engaging in some of faith’s most basic questions. Let's gather for prayer, hear a presentation, and then join in small-group discussion. Through listening and sharing, we will wrestle with these foundational questions in each other's company. As we do so, we will learn more about ourselves, one another, and the Jesus we are seeking.

Dates: Thursdays, starting January 28, 2021. Time: 7pm Session length: 60-75 minutes
Place: Zoom   Who is it for: adults (16+) preparing for baptism, confirmation, reception into the Anglican Church, or reaffirmation of baptismal vows; those exploring faith for the 1st or the 50th time.
Attendance: Sessions are related to and build upon one another, so this is not a drop-in course. Please register in advance as you are encouraged to attend all of the sessions. You can request to be in a small group with someone you know.
Registration: click here

Deadline to Register: January 21, 2021


Bible Series on 'Paul: The Man we Thought we Knew'

begins on January 11th via Zoom. Weekly sessions are from 6 to 7pm. More info here.


Registration for the Men's Retreat

is still open. The retreat will take place from Feb 5-7 at Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre. Details and registration here