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July 2022

 Since our sessions with Peter Elliott and Thomas Roach, the Reno Vision Team has been working hard developing a Vision.  This Vision or Plan takes into account the Guiding Principles we developed,  the feedback we received from you, the needs outlined in the Depreciation Report and suggestions from out time with Consultants Peter and Thomas. 

 During the summer we will be looking for a professional Interior Designers who will help us bring the Vision or Plan to life. We are especially interested in a firm that specializes in 3D Drawings for presentations and meetings. 

 In the fall we will we want to conduct some Information Sessions where we can share the 3 D Drawings and outline recommendations for your comment.  

These sessions will be followed by a Special Vestry Meeting where we will seek approval to proceed with the renovations.

 Our Reno Vision Team continues to work hard and is committed to doing the work required to bring additional beauty to our worship space.   

We appreciate your ongoing support and prayers.