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March 16, 2021

Re: Donation to the VGH Chaplaincy Ministry


Dear Parish of St. Laurence, Parish Council and Outreach Committee,

     On behalf of the patients, their families and the staff at Vancouver General Hospital I am writing to thank you for your generous donation in support of this ministry.

     I was particularly gratified to see that it was done in the name of your Outreach Committee. VGH Chaplaincy is by its very nature outreach in orientation, providing spiritual care not just to patients but families and staff, to churched and unchurched, believers and non-believers, the homeless, Aboriginal and Inuit patients, people from across Canada, and even those from other countries who are hospitalized and far from home.

     Thanks to your financial assistance we can bring prayer, anointing, communion, bibles, supportive presence and encouragement to people who are experiencing severe stresses and acute moments of vulnerability. The current pandemic, with its attendant restrictions on visitors, means that in addition to medical issues, many patients are also suffering from loneliness and isolation. VGH staff are working under challenging circumstances which are continually changing, and some are worried about going home to their families at the end of their shift. As you can see, the pandemic has greatly intensified the need for spiritual care in the hospital.

     On a practical level, please remind all members of your congregation that if they are ever hospitalized at VGH it is important to declare that they are Anglicans when they are admitted. Then they will automatically appear on the official list of Anglican patients which is printed every day. If their names do not appear on my list, I have no way of knowing that they are in the hospital. Members can also contact me directly to let me know of family or friends who are in the hospital (with their permission of course). I can be reached at 604-612-3641 or

     Finally, as we partner together in this ministry, I would also ask for your continued prayers for protection for myself and our two faithful Anglican volunteers, Kate and Juanita, as we undertake the Lord’s work in these testing but rewarding circumstances,

Blessings and Peace,

Bryan Rivers,

Anglican Chaplain,

Vancouver General Hospital