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Moses: A Model of Servant Leadership

A new bible study begins this Fall via ZOOM. It will be led by Olav Slaymaker and facilitated by Eric Mason. Bring your dinner and join them on Mondays, beginning October 18th at 6PM.

The full outline is available in the downloads section below, but here's some highlights:


October 18th - Egyptian upbringing and God’s call through a ‘burning bush’

Questions: What is the significance of Moses’ ‘burning bush’ revelation of God.  How does it compare with the Apostle Paul’s encounter with God on the road to Damascus?  What do we know about Moses’ time on ‘the far side of the desert’ (in Midian)?  


October 25th - Leader of the wanderings of children of Israel in the Sinai Desert

Questions:   In what specific ways is Leviticus chapter 25 a remarkable demonstration of ‘sustainability science’?   What do you make of the approximately 38 years of aimless wandering by the children of Israel? 


November 1st - Moses interceding with God and pleading with Israel

Questions:   What lies behind Miriam and Aaron’s jealousy of their brother, Moses?   Although Moses experienced rebellions, he interceded with God to spare His people and pled with Israel to smarten up.  Whence this extraordinary generosity and sense of purpose? 


Novemebr 8th - A prophet and law giver

Questions:   Consider the relationship between the Ten Commandments and the ‘minimum basis of civil law’.   What are the basic elements of God’s deliverance of Israel through the sea (Exodus, ch. 15)? 


November 15th - Moses the author

Questions:   Is it important to know the authorship of the Pentateuch?  What material in chapters 33 and 34 of Exodus are persuasive in convincing you of a Mosaic authorship? 


November 22nd - Moses farewell address

Questions:   What were the main purposes of Moses’ farewell addresses?   What is your estimate of the importance of Moses?