Hey everyone,

The national CLAY organizers just released a whole bunch of new material and information about CLAY on August 20-22. Check out details below!

Also, a few important updates from Rachel and me:

1) We're delighted to say that every youth who chooses to participate in CLAY will have their expenses paid for by their associated congregation. That includes the $45 that the national organizers are asking for, and expenses incurred for locally planned events.

2) If you are unable to join us in-person on August 20-22, you can still participate in CLAY! CLAY is using a virtual conference platform, and as long as you have your own device (computer is recommended, but a phone could work), you can join in from anywhere.
Which leads to the third point...

3) If you haven't already, please let us know if you are planning to participate in CLAY. Whether you join us in-person or join in virtually, a Home Team Leader (i.e. Rachel and me) needs to start the registration process for you. 
To do that, here's the info we'll need:

Full name
Cell phone or home phone number
Email address (Noteparticipants will use this to access the virtual platform—so a different email address must be used for each participant and it should beone they can access from the device they will use to participate in the gathering)

Birth date

Emergency contact names and phone numbers

4) Finally, check out the CLAY website for some of the other exciting info! You'll find this year's CLAY theme song, a Spotify playlist of CLAY songs, a schedule...and more : )

Jason Wood
Youth and Families Ministry Coordinator 
St. Laurence Anglican Church  |  Coquitlam, BC
Ph: 604-396-5391


ignYte is a joint ministry of St. Laurence Anglican and Good Shepherd Lutheran, open to youth grades 7-12 from across the Tri-Cities and North Burnaby region. More info here.

ignYte is led by Jason Wood and Rachel Genge


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