St. Laurence Kids...continues online (for now)
I would have loved for COVID to not be a concern by now. Unfortunately, though, it is. And with another school year starting, I know a number of you are anxious about the increased contact your kids are having with others. So while we would have loved to be meeting in person by now, we've decided to resume meeting as St. Laurence Kids online for the months of September and October, with a changed time at 9:30am.
We'll alternate craft Sundays and family services, like we did in the spring. And we'll continue to assess the COVID situation with hopes to begin our children's programming in person as soon as possible. I hope this allows as many of us as possible to participate, while we wait for infection rates and anxieties to settle down.
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Topic: St. Laurence Kids
Time: 9:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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With love and blessing,
Jason Wood
Youth and Families Ministry Coordinator 
St. Laurence Anglican Church  |  Coquitlam, BC
Ph: 604-396-5391

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