January 21, 2024

The renovation and capital campaign are moving forward with great excitement and anticipation. 

  • Construction updates:
    -We will be meeting with our contractor to discuss the final drawings so that the final estimate can be determined and the contract signed
    -The Diocese has signed the building permit application and we are waiting for its return so that it can be submitted as soon as the we have our contract signed
    -The Anglican Foundation is about to send us a $10k cheque which is their grant to us. We are also submitting the necessary paperwork to obtain the $100,000 loan from the Foundation 
    -On January 24, the Diocese will be re-confirming their support for our grant and loan as the grant from the Anglican Foundation was reduced by $5k. We are anticipating full support
    -The Cataloguing Committee, Chaired by Carla McGie, is starting to work on cataloguing all the items in the sanctuary in preparation for the construction as everything will need to be stored or re-homed
    -The Liturgical Committee, Chaired by Joanne Epply-Schmidt,  is beginning work on planning for services in the hall during construction
    -Our new chairs have been ordered and are being prepared. We should receive them in a few months


  • Capital Campaign updates:
    -We have received initial donations of $92k which is the first installment of the pledges totalling $192k. 
    -The official kick-off of the Capital Campaign was on Feb. 11. We're hoping for big win on our fundraising efforts
    -We now have a page set up on the St. Laurence website where you can get information and see these updates. Find us at:

As things are moving ahead quickly, you can anticipate hearing more about the Blessing our Future campaign and construction about every 2 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact Curt or a member of the Project Team.


December 7, 2023

Good news! The Anglican Foundation of Canada is giving us a grant of $10,000 and a loan of $100,000.  The Diocese of New Westminster will also be giving us a grant of $40,000 and a loan of $50,000 once it makes a technical amendment next month to its’ grant motion to include the actual amount of the Anglican Foundation grant.  That means Renovision is a go!