The design of the project was based on the following guiding principles:

  • Sacredness: Enhance the qualities that make the Sanctuary a sacred space preserving a sense of sanctuary, increasing the sense of beauty, and allowing for a range of prayer from private devotion to community worship.
  • Flexibility: Make the room, and in particular the furniture, more flexible to enable greater creativity for contemporary liturgy, and a variety of community uses.
  • Music: Ensure that this is a good place for music and continue to improve acoustics for both congregational singing and performance. Provide suitable and adaptable space for musicians and choir.
  • Technology: Maintain and further develop the technical capacity including livestream, projection, lighting, and sound amplification, while ensuring that technology is not intrusive.
  • Accessibility: Make the whole room accessible for all.
  • Inclusivity: Enhance the capacity for children, youth, and young families.


This will result in the following changes:

  • Replace flooring with new carpet tile and vinyl tiles
  • Update lighting
  • Paint the sanctuary and narthexes
  • Reduce platform to one level to increase accessibility
  • Update both narthexes so they are more welcoming and contemporary
  • Add a window into the small narthex
  • Include elements of nature with tree
  • Include tapestry boxes as a visual accent and to ease transition of hangings with hidden pulls

3-D walk through of the renovations: