“For more than three decades, the Anglican Church of Canada has been on a journey of listening, truth-telling, repentance and healing with Indigenous Peoples, both within and outside the church. There is an urgent need for further healing and justice-seeking across the land, and we all have a role to play.” ~Anglican Church of Canada Website

The community of St. Laurence seeks to be an open and inclusive community.  As such, we acknowledge that we have much to learn.  We also seek to be a community of reconciliation. Members of Issues and Actions have been involved in teachings and reflections about Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, looking for ways, as the people of St. Laurence to deepen our knowledge of the stories of Indigenous people, the trauma experienced through systemic racism, residential schools and disproportionate engagement of child welfare in the lives of Indigenous families.

The pandemic encouraged us to meet as a community, on Zoom, to explore our history with Indigenous peoples and to begin to discern how we may respond.

Fall 2020 we explored the history of the church and the peoples of Canada, using as a basis the Anglican Church video Doctrine of Discovery, which can be viewed above.

Winter 2021 we explored our own histories and the histories and resilience of the Indigenous peoples on whose lands we live.


The Anglican church of Canada's toolkit: