ReSponse was formed in early 2016 as a local response to a humanitarian need in Syria and surrounding countries. It is led by four parishes in our Deanery and is working in partnership with the Diocese, Mosaic and other community organizations to welcome and offer support to families and individuals as they come to Canada.

We are currently looking forward to the arrival of a refugee family of seven (father, mother and five children) from Afghanistan who are living in Turkey. They have family living in Coquitlam who are also eagerly awaiting their arrival.
Newer sponsorships include a man from Syria, living in Turkey who will be welcomed by ReSponse as well as his fiancée and her family and three adults (mother, son and daughter) from Afghanistan who are currently in Turkey. They also have family ready to welcome them.

If you are interested in working with this ministry please contact the office or a member of Issues and Action.