There are times in our lives when trouble, illness, or injury strikes us or someone we care about. At those times we may want to ask for the prayerful support of our Christian community. The Parish of St. Laurence provides several ways we can do this.  

Prayer for Healing/Wholeness

Prayer for healing is offered during the Eucharist at the 10:30 service beside the Baptismal Font. In Christian prayer for healing the Pastoral Prayer Team prays with each person for healing and wholeness in body, mind and spirit in the belief that all healing comes from God, no matter what form that healing takes. And that God heals in many ways and through many agencies. The Pastoral Prayer Team provides a safe place for you to ask for prayer for yourself or for family or friends in the context of the worshipping community. Requests for healing are heard in an open and non-judgmental way. We recognise that we are not there to heal we are there to pray with you. God does the healing.

If you would like to request a prayer for healing and wholeness for yourself or a loved one, or to offer a prayer of thanksgiving, please join the Pastoral Prayer Team at the Baptismal Font. Your requests will be heard in confidence.  For more information, contact Muriel Minshall or the office.

Prayer Request Book/Prayers of the People 

If you would like prayer for yourself or a loved one included in Prayers of the People at worship please write their name in the Prayer Request Book, prior to the service. You will find this book in the front entranceway. Names written in the book are included in the Prayers of the People during worship on that day. During the prayers, the congregation are asked to pray for those named.  For more information, contact Muriel Minshall or the office.              

Prayer Link: for continuous daily prayer  

Prayer Link consists of members of St. Laurence community who pray for people on the Parish prayer list on a daily basis. A prayer request can be for yourself or a loved one who would benefit from this intensive form of prayer. All requests are kept confidential. For more information contact Anne Dennis or the office.

Light a Candle

If you prefer to keep your prayer private, you can light a candle during communion on the east side of the sanctuary as you offer your prayer to God.