Sharing our gifts with you

Shortly, St Laurence Anglican Church in Coquitlam will be renovating its sanctuary and two narthexes. This the result of four years of planning and visioning.

This is a very exciting time in the life of the parish. We look forward to offering a legacy that will provide a flexible, sacred setting for a range of inspirational forms of worship and additionally provide a place that is flexible and useful for a number of other community activities.

We need to find homes for some of the liturgical items that will no longer be used in the new sanctuary. 

Check back for items as they become available.



The Pews 
It has always been our preference to find a home for the pews in another church. We are very happy to report that a start-up church in Surrey has indicated they want the pews for their worship services. They have offered to take them once we no longer need them.

The Organ
The organ arrived at St. Laurence in 1997, a gift from Peter Mercer for his wife, Ginger Shaw, to play as Music Director at St. Laurence until she retired in May 2004.  As a courtesy one of our wardens was in touch with Ginger last week to let her know because of Renovision we would need to find a new home for the organ. Steps are now being taken to re-home the organ, including following up on a suggestion from Ginger of one possible approach

The Pew Lights
Today is the last day the pew lights will be used at St. Laurence. They were given by Mike Burpee as part of a bequest in memory of his late wife Barb. They were made by Ron Cooper. With the removal of the pews there is no opportunity to use the lights in the renovated Sanctuary. Our goal, with the support of Mike and Ron, has been to re-locate the pew lights to another parish. The good news is that the parish of St. Albans, Richmond is very excited to be the new home of the pew lights. They will go well with their pews and set-up. That parish will receive the lights next week.

Starting this Sunday, a special prayer and blessing will be offered during the service every time an item leaves for a new home – our way of honouring and celebrating all it has meant in worship at St. Laurence and blessing its future in a new setting.